Installing System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012 SP1 on Windows 2012 the easy way !

In this article we install SCVMM with SP1 (Beta) on a clean Windows 2012 server. Note that with SP1 the Self Service Portal has been removed.

This is a standalone non-clustered SCVMM install.


Requirements for SCVMM 2012 SP1 on Windows Server 2012

There are several requirements for SCVMM, some of which are listed here:-

  • SQL Standard / Enterprise (Express is no longer supported)
  • The SQL instance must be configured as case insensitive.
  • A domain account is also required for the SCVMM installation and must be an administrator on the SCVMM server.
  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 8 – Download before installing SCVMM  to avoid downloading 3.5GB during installation possibly during installation on a server that has no internet connection.
  • The SCVMM machine name can’t include –SCVMM- for example My-SCVMM-Server but can be called SCVMM.
  • If using Dynamic memory the start-up RAM must be at least 2048 MB. This demo uses 4096 MB of RAM.
  • A container in Active Directory to store the Encryption keys, required for SCVMM cluster. See link at end for more info. Use ADSI Edit to create this container.
  • It is also recommended that the SQL Command Line Tools and Native Client Tools are also installed on the SCVMM server. See links at the end of this article. We have used the SQL 2012 versions here.

Download and script the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit

To install the ADKSETUP on the SCVMM computer it is recommended that the adksetup.exe program is run and the files are downloaded before-hand from a computer with internet access. Then run the required command lines to install the ADKSETUP features required by SCVMM.

  • Check the SCVMM server has 2GB or more RAM allocated to it.
  • Download the latest ADK Setup.
  • Check version is 8.0 as 8.1 may cause issues with the SCVMM installer.

Make available for an offline PC so it does not download 3 GB every time. Select the second option.


This downloads the required files, and can take a while depending on internet connection as it is a 3GB download.


SCVMM Management Server only requires the Deployment Tools and Windows PE components.

Copy the above downloaded Windows Kit and the SCVMM software to the SCVMM server or somewhere they can be accessed.

To install just these features from the command line use the following command or click ADKSETUP to use GUI.

Adksetup /installpath “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows ADK” /features OptionId.DeploymentTools OptionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment /ceip off

Note: – Quotes around the install path need to be double quotes if there are spaces in your chosen location and the directory does not have to exist.

The command will open up the Assessment and Deployment Kit installation screen if there are no errors.


Click through the screens and check selections which should already be populated correctly.


If you run the command with a /q before the /ceip switch the installation proceeds silently without the need for any user interaction. This install should take only a minute or two.


Once complete the Assessment Deployment Kit will be present in Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features.


Finally, reboot the server before SCVMM installation.

SCVMM With SP1 (Beta) Installation

Download is approximately 750MB.

Run the setup.exe and click Install.


Select the options required. Expanded in the screen shot for info.


Enter organisational or product key details.


Accept License Agreement, select customer improvement program and Microsoft Update options



Check installation location:-


Database Configuration

Specify the SQL Server to be used for the SCVMM databases.


Configure Service Account and key management


Leave as default or change ports as necessary, defaults shown here.clip_image013

Library Configuration


Check Summary and hit Install. Done.


Press close to launch the console

Click close to open the SCVMM connection screen then click connect.


SCVMM Console Screen


Errors reported on a clean Windows build without pre-requisites installed for reference.

Here are the errors if no pre-requisites are in place. Follow the instructions above to allow installation of SCVMM 2012 SP1 Beta


Cannot find SQL Server

Ensure the SQL Server is available and running, check firewalls and DNS. Select instance in SCVMM installer to show available instances.


ADKSetup (Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Kit)

SCVMM Deployment

SQL Server 2012 Feature Pack tools – SQL Native Client and Command Line tools

SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature Pack Tools

Distributed Key Management – Recommended and required for failover SCVMM cluster.


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