SharePoint 2013 – Create Excel Services Service Application

Here we begin with the configuration of the BI features of SharePoint 2013.

From Central Admin, Select Application Management, Manage Service Applications. New Excel Service Application.


Select Excel Services Application and enter a name for the service and select the BI App Pool. Leave the rest as defaults.


Once complete select the Excel Services Service and click Manage.


Here you can configure necessary Excel Services settings. I will go through the key ones to configure or check.

Start with Trusted File Locations


Click Add Trusted File Location


Add any URLS to sites or Excel Libraries that are allowed. See examples below. Substitute URLs for your own. Allow children so sub sites and libraries will work also.


Change workbook size if required and increase image size from default of 1MB as you will soon recieve a request from your users if you don’t.


I prefer to remove the warning when refreshing data in workbooks. Default is ticked.


Press OK when complete.

Next go to Trusted Data Connection Libraries and add any data connection library locations here.

Create an Excel Document Library

Select “Add an App” from the site settings menu on the top right of the screen.


Select Document Library


Then Select Advanced


Name the library and enable version history if required (recommended for production).


Click Create

Add a Data Connection Library




I would recommend creating the library with a name that has no spaces in the title. This is to make it easier for users who may want to deploy data source from Visual Studio into SharePoint Data source Libraries. Just one less thing to worry about if you can do this.

Also ensure any data source libraries are added to the trusted locations in Excel Services AND the correct data source library is added i.e. for Excel add the standard one and not the Data Sources for Performance Point.


Thanks for reading !

We will move onto PowerPivot in the next article.


About Mitesh Chauhan
Mitesh Chauhan, Azure Cloud Solutions Architect. This is my blog where I share articles and thoughts on IT Infrastructure and architecture. The topics I am most passionate about are Implementation and architecture of rock solid Cloud Infrastructure based around SQL Server and Windows Server mainly using Microsoft Azure. MCTS - Azure Architecture MCTS - Azure Implementation MCSE Server Infrastructure (Windows Server 2012) , MCITP SQL Server 2008, Togaf Certified, Prince 2 Practitioner.

6 Responses to SharePoint 2013 – Create Excel Services Service Application

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  2. suma says:

    In Sharepoint 2013, Excel Preview doesnot works where as all other docs(Word, PPT, One Note, Paitn) preview works fine.

    Can any one have reason or answer for this?

    • Hello Suma sorry for the loooooong delay..did you get this resolved? It will be Excel services, check uls logs and event viewer also for clues. Check Excel services is also started.
      Best Regards

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  4. Kevin says:

    Hello Mitesh. I have installed Sharepoint 2013 Eval version (Microsoft) and when I go to the Central Admin Console –> Manage Services on this Server; I don’t see a listing of Access Service, Excel Services Application. These entities don’t exist in Sharepoint. How do I get this feature or items. I installed Sharepoint on a PC that did not have Office installed. Not sure if that makes a difference. I have 1 DC, 1 SQL and 1 SPoint server in the environment. None of these PCs have Office installed. All of these servers are running MS 2012 R2 Datacentre Eval version. Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciative. Thanks. Kevin

    • Hi, Thanks for reading and posting..

      It has been along time actually since I played with SharePoint !

      I would ask though if you have the correct version of SharePoint and note all the Excel stuff is in the Enterprise Edition so maybe you have Std? More likely though…. check at site collection (Site Collection Features, in CA, if I remember rightly) level to see if you have Enterprise features switched on. This should then show up the BI features such as Excel and Access etc. Hope this helps. Regards

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