Azure Infrastructure Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions – Study Notes and Tips

Hi yesterday (Jan 20th 2015) I passed the Microsoft exam – 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions and so this gives one a “Microsoft Specialist” certification.

I have been doing some very interesting projects with Azure infrastructure over the last year or so and so I thought I would take this exam just to have it under my belt.

I have written this to hopefully point others in the direction of some useful study material.   There are only a few links here which I used along with real world experience which is a must. There are many other blogs on the internet with lots of other links so here are the main ones I found useful.


My transcript was updated the same day too !


Main Training Requirements

You must ensure obviously that you have actually done a lot of the requirements mentioned in the “skills measured“ list on the Microsoft site.  Get an Azure subscription, even a free trial and try out building VMs and websites and SQL Databases.  You need to know all the different hosting plans for websites as well as the different SQL Database Tiers.

Also make sure you look into how to monitor VMs and websites which includes setting up alerts and logging for websites.  Which tabs do you go to ? What are the settings you need to adjust ?

Take a look at Service bus, add a queue and see what options you have available.  Read up on the basics of this too.

Be familiar with Azure VNETs, Site to Site VPNs as well as VNET to VNET.  Ask yourself what are the requirements for various connectivity scenarios and what process should I follow for each.

My Favourite Azure Infrastructure 70-533 Exam Links

Go through the Azure training here. This was a four day course which ran in December 2014 and is split into various topics with lots of great information and demos.

Virtual Academy is also the best source of Microsoft training on many subject areas.  This course goes into IaaS

There are several newer and more up to date courses available on the virtual academy too.  Well worth checking out !

Microsoft Exam Details

Other Excellent Blogs With Very Useful Links

Good Luck

The best of luck in your studies and I hope the exam goes well for you.

Thanks for reading !


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Mitesh Chauhan, Azure Cloud Solutions Architect. This is my blog where I share articles and thoughts on IT Infrastructure and architecture. The topics I am most passionate about are Implementation and architecture of rock solid Cloud Infrastructure based around SQL Server and Windows Server mainly using Microsoft Azure. MCTS - Azure Architecture MCTS - Azure Implementation MCSE Server Infrastructure (Windows Server 2012) , MCITP SQL Server 2008, Togaf Certified, Prince 2 Practitioner.

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